New year’s hangover: how to deal with it

The New year in different ways – someone skiing, someone in the cottages and country houses, and someone in front of the TV. But perhaps all this evening brings together any holiday table and become a fixture of joy alcohol. Scientists have vigorously studied the national and medical ways of curing a hangover.

Just need to decide what scientists did not consider hangover in the form of a withdrawal syndrome, which occurs when a person has formed an addiction. And every libation requires more and more “holidays.” With such a hangover one way – to the psychiatrist, according to the publication Indicator.


Our advice is addressed to those who do not suffer from chronic alcoholism. The man who “turned over” in the morning will feel nausea, headache, dry mouth, fatigue, weakness, which may also be accompanied by a disgusting mood. This is a hangover in the proper sense of the word – poisoning by decay products of ethanol, to which you can add to the problems the notorious fusel oil, which a lot of unrefined and low-quality alcoholic beverages.

This condition, scientifically called veisalgia (from the Norwegian “discomfort from abuse” and the Greek “pain”).


A 2005 review in The British Medical Journal, which the authors considered all types of “treatment” for this condition, came to a disappointing conclusion: ways to prevent a hangover is not (well, if you do not limit the use of alcohol), but to deal with the consequences.

Moreover, there is no cure or folk remedy, able to eliminate all the symptoms of a hangover immediately. So you have to choose.

To fight a headache with a hangover is usually offered by a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin (part of the same Alkaseltzer) or ibuprofen (the main active substance of Nurofen).


Although aspirin was invented as a hangover cure, drink it along with alcohol or shortly after – it is impossible, as it will cause your liver more harm. At least the next morning, after six to eight hours, you can take these medicines.

You should be careful of those people who you suggest paracetamol with its dangerous side effects, as well as containing numerous “powder” cold like Ferveksa with alcohol to combine the two, you should not.

Will help you for sure to drink plenty of non-alcoholic of course. Since ethanol causes dehydration, the water will reduce the severity of hangover symptoms. And you can drink the water not only in the morning, but before bedtime – she won’t charge you, but will reduce thirst, dry mouth, headache, and irritability, for sure.

And you can drink and compotes, and marinades, and broths that will help to restore not only the balance of fluids, but the balance goes along with the salts, which are also needed by the body.

Vitamin B6 or related compound pyritinol (containing butter) are also considered good remedies for a hangover. However, remember that the direct benefits of vitamin B6 is not, and pyritinol can help only if you exceed the recommended doses hundreds of times, but there is the risk of hepatitis and pancreatitis.

In addition non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol, there are other substances and methods that hangover is harmful, not helpful. They can be divided into two groups: those that are considered good for the hangover, and simple medicines, the reception of which is to interrupt, if you are planning a feast.


The first group includes bath and sauna. Although it seems that since then harmful metabolites should go faster, scientists have proved that this approach only adds to dehydration, creating an additional strain on the heart. Not worth the risk.

Also a popular remedy for a hangover is to drink some more alcohol, or get drunk. Of course, for a while, you can return the dopamine pleasure, but after the amount of ethanol, and then acetaldehyde in the body will increase, and systems that could not cope with them before will be overwhelmed even more.

In a study conducted on 549 Danish students was found to be ineffective in combating a hangover and caffeine. It is possible to sleep from it will want less, but caffeine in the first place, will increase the burden on the heart (which is already not that was good), and secondly, stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that can cause heartburn. Not the most pleasant addition to the hangover.

The patient for many, the question – combines antibiotics and alcohol. Not all antibiotics as dangerous as it is considered the most people: a glass of wine during the course of taking many of them you will not be worse. But metronidazole and tinidazole to mix with alcohol are strictly contraindicated

Most folk methods and means to prevent a hangover and to combat its effects did not stand the test scientists. Dealing with it is quite impossible, you can only ease the symptoms. It is helpful to drink plenty of fluids (including the infamous pickle – but don’t confuse it with a marinade), can help and vitamins, but in the bath and sauna should not go, like to drink coffee and take drugs that contain caffeine…

And finally, do not be discouraged if you feel disgusting the next morning hung-over:means the development of alcoholism does not threaten you.