The mystery of the leaked sedated patients remains unsolved

Investigation in the University hospital of Magdeburg did not lead to the explanation of the strange cases.

Two weeks ago it became known about the strange cases in the University hospital of Magdeburg (Germany), where under General anesthesia the patients were waking up during surgery. Because of these unexplained episodes have been several, were carried out Ministerial verification, which, however, nothing suspicious was found. Not found and clear explanation of what happened.

During the test, were analyzed almost 32700 surgical procedures under anesthesia, conducted from April 2016 to October 2017, Experts say that none of the leaked of the patients was seriously injured, they just were in a state of insufficient depth of anesthesia. In some cases, a slight restlessness and excessive movement. In all cases the use of a narcotic drug propofol. The inspection did not find violations in the dosage or the quality of the medicines.