Dill, honey and Valerian for the purification of vessels

To prevent dangerous diseases and premature aging, you need to change lifestyles. Popular recipes work well, but they will not help you in that case, if you continue to drink alcohol, smoke and eat junk food. The rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition, and traditional methods will help to clean and strengthen the blood vessels as quickly as possible. One of the most popular recipes using the dill and honey. How to prepare a healing mixture right?

Dill, honey and Valerian for the purification of vessels: recipe

Due to unbalanced diet, bad habits and chronic diseases of the walls of our blood vessels are depleted, and they all clogged. As a result, many health problems ranging from weakness and ending cardiovascular disease.

To clean them, do not have to use expensive pharmaceutical preparations. After all, home budget tools help not worse, they are no less effective in cleansing the walls of the vessels and strengthening.

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Remember that dill and honey will not have the desired effect if you did not adjust your diet and get rid of bad habits. No tool is a panacea and the result of the treatment depends on you!

Dill, honey and Valerian for vessels — what are the benefits and how to cook the broth?

The beneficial properties of dill, honey and Valerian for vessels:

  • Deferred dissolved salts;
  • Improve the oxygen intake into the body;
  • Reduce vascular tone;
  • Has antimicrobial properties;
  • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

To prepare the tools you will need 100 grams of fennel seeds (sold in pharmacies), two tablespoons chopped Valerian root, two liters of boiling water and two tablespoons of natural honey.

Grind the root with maximum finely in a coffee grinder, add fennel seeds. Then pour two liters of boiling water and infuse. When the broth is warm, not hot, add honey. In any case, do not add honey to boiling water, because high temperature it will start to secrete toxic substances.

Infuse the broth in a cool dark place for 1 day, then strain and take one tablespoon 30 minutes before meals, three times a day.

Store the prepared broth in a glass container with a lid, in the fridge, otherwise it will quickly deteriorate.

The duration of the course drawn up 20 days. Then you have to take a short break of 10 days and repeat the course again.

Recipe No. 2: for those who have no time for cooking broth. Grind 100 grams of fennel seeds and two tablespoons of Valerian root in a coffee grinder. Take cooked powder 0.5 teaspoon three times a day, 15 minutes before eating, wash down with water. After 20 days, we will recess for 10 days. Repeat the treatment.

Dill, honey and Valerian.

Despite the useful properties of broth, it can be taken not all. Contraindications include kidney disease, low blood pressure, kidney stones or gall, ulcer of the stomach or intestines, pancreatitis.

Dill, honey and Valerian for vessels — natural, wholesome and budgetthe tool. During the period of the cleansing of vessels are advised to drink herbal and berry teas, take vitamins and eat right. Changes are already noticeable after 2 weeks.

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