The expert called for the appearance of dangerous eating habits

British dermatologist Daniel glass made in the publication the Daily Mail with tips on how not to spoil the appearance of malnutrition. According to the expert, many people tend to start on 1 January “new life” and move on to a new diet – but this is a mistake.

The new year often becomes a reason for serious changes – for example, people are firmly resolved to lose weight, start to exercise and eat right. But in this way they commit hazardous errors.

According to Daniel glass, one of the common mistakes is to get on some strict diet for weight loss. If the person is in physical or emotional stress caused by diet, malnutrition will cause hair loss, he says.

“With the shortfall of calories most of the hair includes the growth cycle, after which they fall to give the new growth. But new hair does not appear, because they have nothing to eat. So the body adapts to the existence with strict dietary restrictions,” – said the expert.

Another problem, says glass, is the rejection of red meat and carbohydrates, which keep many adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The doctor insists that this refusal is harmful to the skin. Red meat and many carbohydrate foods are a source of iron, lack of which contributes to hair loss and makes the skin prone to irritation.

Cracked lips and rash around the mouth are also associated with inadequate intake of nutrients, primarily vitamins such as vitamins a, K, V, added the expert. The doctor stressed that to maintain a healthy and radiant appearance you must daily consume enough protein, complex carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables.