How to wear a medical mask correctly: user manual

Cool weather provokes the spread of viral diseases that can be transmitted by airborne droplets. But what do we have to go a few weeks from home and no one to talk to? No, such extreme measures are not necessary, because you can protect your body by wearing on the person a medical mask. And despite the fact that this accessory will attract attention, you can protect yourself from viral and bacterial infections.

Is efficient medical mask?

This accessory can be worn both healthy and sick people. Healthy mask protects against viruses and patients helps to prevent infection of others.

The accessory is mandatory for medical staff, workers of food industries.

Protects that mask at 100%? Alas, but no, the possibility of infection still exists. The only difference is that thanks to the mask, it is reduced several times. But why not give 100% guarantee? The fact is that it is not too tight to the skin, the result of infected air into the nasopharynx.

One of the drawbacks of mask in that it is formed under high humidity, as it promotes the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and increases the chances of becoming infected. Therefore, to date there is no unequivocal opinion about whether or not to wear a mask to prevent or not.

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How to wear a medical mask: advice

If you have decided to protect themselves or to prevent infection of others, you need to learn how to wear the accessory. You can find several types of medical masks — medical treatments and the most common, General use. Medical mask is equipped with retainers for nose, so they need to wear inner part.

How and which side to wear a medical mask? Inspect the accessory if it has a water-repellent treatment, you need to place the mask inside the party. If the side of the mask have different color, wear her with a white layer inside and colored outside.

Also, the manufacturer may provide a statement that comes in the kit, be sure to read it.

Wearing a mask, make sure that it is as tight to the skin. If there are folds, straighten them. Then you need to fix the hinges behind the ears.

How long can you wear a mask?

In any case not to wear the same accessory for several days, as on its inner surface accumulate bacteria, and it loses its properties.

Duration of wear depends on the type of mask and its properties. If it is equipped with a paper filter (the most accessible and cheap model), it should be discarded after two hours. If it is treated with antibacterial means, the time increases to 4-5 hours.

Erase medical mask or not?

Disposable masks can not be washed, they should immediately be discarded. If we talk about reusable masks of gauze, they can be washed. Use for washing hot water solution of soap. Let dry, then iron accessory with a hot iron, the high temperature will kill bacteria.

How to wear a medical mask and when it needs to be changed — this is what we told you in our article. Under normal conditions of use of the accessory will increase the chances to stay healthy and not get infected.

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