20 tips for eating healthy

The phrase “healthy diet” in daily life quite often. Dozens of tips and titles right foods comes down to us from television and Internet advertising, cooking shows vying offer recipes that will definitely help you to part with excess weight. The information received is huge. Unfortunately, the brain is delayed only a few facts. It is possible that the proposed further reminder will correct the situation. So, the basic rules of healthy eating.

1. Food is never in a hurry. To recognize enough for you or not there, your brain will be able only after 20 minutes. Do not eat your fill, put the plug and wait for the feeling of satiety.

2. Try to acquire plates smaller volume. Claim that helps.

3. Always eat Breakfast, but try not to get cereal. The procedure for their preparation have already killed them all nutrients.

4. Remember! White and sourdough bread is harmful.

5. If you are going to buy the popular and in your opinion a very tasty product, think of how many scientists worked on him, generously with salt, sugar, fat, and dyes. Switch your focus from the counter to a vegetable bed.

6. Don’t eat out of boredom or resentment. All of this will take place, and thus acquired pounds – no.

7. Explore the culinary traditions of the cuisines of the world. It will still be better than modern fast food.

8. Put in front of you dish needs to have a bright look. Colorful vegetables and fruits comprehensively ensure intake of all the necessary components.

9. Arriving at the supermarket, do not forget that sale of goods organized so that in your trash more expensive and frozen products.

10. If you are interested in the product and you are tired to read his list, there is no doubt that dyes, thickeners, fragrances, your body does not need.

11. If still the same in the list of ingredients you see hard-to-read words, put that product back where you found it. Hardly near your home jars with the salt and pepper are jars with similar names.

12. Eat foods that have already tried bacteria. Don’t worry, it’s soy sauce, yogurt, kefir, cheese.

13. Panic don’t run from fat. Fat cakes from a stall on the street and fat fish, rich in omega 3, is not the same thing.

14. Eliminate the purchase of products of long storage. Clear to preserve its edible quality, it is just crammed with preservatives. This affects its nutritional value. But honey can be stored for years.

15. Don’t hunt for low fat products. Included in their composition carbohydrates also contribute to the accumulation of excess weight, in addition, these products are very sugary. As a result, the caloric content of fat-free cottage cheese can be greater than its “fat” brother.

16. Please reconsider your attitude to meat broths. It boiled in animal fat increases cholesterol levels. Replace it with vegetable broth.

17. Forget about snacking. Especially on the streets. Hunger is not also and the money you will spend. And digestive system that amount of harmful fat and concentrates will not be happy.

18. Try eating in the companies. It is believed that in this case, the mindless process of getting stomach limited to certain rituals.

19. Do not focus on limitations. Nobody forbids to make in the food promotional days. Permanent restrictions will have a negative impact on the psychological state and will add to health problems.

20. From time to time arrange fasting days. You do have days off, vacation? So why not to please your stomach a day?

Apply these rules in the form of a memo and hang it in a prominent place. If every day at least one will be awarded your attention, is already a victory.

Lightness you in the new year!