The Golden mean: 5 benefits of secondary children in life, love and career

“Middle child syndrome” has recently become quite popular. They can explain literally everything about the person who has older and younger siblings. Was a bad student in school? Syndrome average. Received little attention? Syndrome average. Torn between autonomy and responsibility? Clear! In fact, all that — myths. And average children has its advantages. Professor of psychological Sciences at the University of Redlands (CA) Catherine salmon has spent over 20 years studying thousands of children, so that her words can believe in!

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Золотая середина: 5 преимуществ средних детей в жизни, любви и карьере

1. They are less dependent on parents

In 1998 Katherine with colleagues interviewed more than 400 students about relationships within the family. In the first part of the study, questions were raised as to who from the family they turn to their parents or brothers and sisters. Older and younger children often called mom or dad, and mid — siblings.

2. They are free from prejudices

It is easier to learn new things and to get used to the changed rules of the game. Perhaps it is because they are more independent and can choose its own path.

3. They are better able to communicate

Average children behave in business negotiations and romantic relationships. They do not have to be a Junior and senior, so they’re used to agree with everyone!

4. They can achieve great success in life

And it is because they never put all the responsibility and never took it off. They are very good at finding a way out of the difficult situations and benefit out of everything.

5. They get along well with children

Due to the fact that in childhood they had to maneuver between the senior and Junior (and friends of those and other), average children better find contact with children, regardless of their or other people’s. They often have large families, so — Yes! — unconscious to allocate all of the children is average.