Not a feminist? So, second-class people, the source of sin and rib piece!

“Earned surrender to the father or husband. In the divorce will lose the children. And your husband has every right to hit you. For it is said that fear him. Sit here and be afraid”. The blogger spoke harshly about women who enjoy the benefits of feminism and it is thus called evil.

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Не феминистка? Значит, человек второго сорта, источник греха и ребра кусок!

Author Zoe Atiskova

“How got to explain to the poor lady, that feminism is not about what they imagined. And about equal rights for both sexes.
That feminism is a choice. Want to be a housewife, clap clap eyelashes, “honey, we’re not talking at the table about politics and eat chicken, your girl tried to”? Duck be it!
Feminism is not about the fact that aunt needs to pump up the muscle and to go against Klitschko and Fedor Emelianenko in the ring.
Not about the fact that they should not open doors, push chairs and kiss their hands (although the fan service, I agree).
Sitting in internetica stupid aunt. Directly from their (and sometimes working) computer sitting. Write. Literate I mean. Competent! Choose education (education!) to your taste and profession.
Unable to have children as much as you want. That is at least ten, at least one. If the two no longer fit the life model. Or neither one. If you want to create and to conquer and not to give birth.
And if there is a desire to have all of this you can at least a dozen men. Or even outside of marriage. And divorce without very serious reasons, these children will not lose.
Yes, they can divorce. And divorce. And “characters not met”. And divide the property. And personally own it. And vote (!) hodyut.
And come to the courts is fraught with fury, if their diskriminerad as voters, employees and individuals.
They run and including men. Drive cars. And General transport. To dispose of their property.
Have the right at its discretion to spend money.
Aunt-aunt officials and lawyers, aunts and aunts-entrepreneurs, aunts, security forces and aunts-the military, the aunt-athletes and aunt, extreme, aunt is childfree and aunts are priests — they are all in their right.

Because suffragettes and feminists have defended them these rights.

And a lot of fun to walk around and relish to spit on the immense sacrifices made by the predecessors — Ah, I’m not a feminist! Oh, I’m normal! Ah, my lubimay razljubila buterbrot I did, envy, feminists!
What envy that? As the cross and panties? And eyelash top-clap clap.
Not a feminist? So passed the literacy, suffrage, and a decent job, a creature second grade, the source of sin and rib piece! And went to work unskilled. Earned surrender to the father or husband. In the divorce will lose the children. And your husband has every right to hit you. For it is said that fear him. Sit here and be afraid. And shut up. To open his mouth in traditsionalistom society team was not”*.

(Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).