Damn pictures: 7 paintings, which brought its owners misery

Maybe the tragedy that befell the owners of these paintings — just a series of coincidences, and the masterpieces of world painting has nothing to do with it. But somehow these 7 paintings are considered to be cursed.

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Проклятые картины: 7 полотен, которые приносили своим владельцам несчастья

Giovanni Bragolin (Bruno Amadio). The crying boy

Legend has it that the artist wrote “Crying boy” with his own son. And since the baby could not cry on order, the father lit his face matches the boy was terrified of fire. Allegedly once the child could not stand and shouted: “you can burn yourself!” And the curse worked: the painting was finished, and two weeks later, the child literally “burned out” from pneumonia. After some time, burned the artist’s Studio. Together with the artist himself.

In fact, no historical evidence of this legend does not exist. Bruno Amadio, known under the pseudonym of Bragolin, died peacefully on 22 September 1981 at the age of 70 years. About who posed for the artist for this painting is not known. But we know that in houses, decorated with reproductions of this picture, often there are fires. Moreover, these reproductions do not burn. In the mid 80-ies investigating this puzzle was engaged in the British newspaper The Sun, was released an article about the family of the fire victims, claimed in a terrible fire not survived any one thing, except for reproductions of this painting. Readers began to send in newspaper stories about similar cases. Maybe this story would have remained an urban legend, if soon had another fire. On the ashes found another “Crying boy” — completely intact. After that, the editors announced a campaign of mass burning of reproductions — for getting rid of the curse. Apparently, it helped. In any case, news of the fiery tears of a crying boy since then was no more.

Claude Monet. Water lilies

But water lilies hand of the French impressionist Claude Monet is really the fire, it is not a legend. The picture of the “burned” a few houses and museums. The first victim was himself a painter — soon after finishing work on the painting of Monet’s workshop caught fire for unexplained reasons. Do “Lilies” was not injured. Later the painting was acquired for the famous cabaret at Montmartre — a few weeks later it burned to the ground. The picture is again not affected, and its new owner became a French collector Otto Shmidt. After a year his house caught fire, and despite the efforts of firefighters, survived only one wall. The one on which hung “Lilies.” The painting is considered cursed, and she moved from the private collections of the Museum of modern art in new York. Soon after, in 1958, the Museum was a fire. The fire destroyed one of the Museum staff.

Bill Stoneham. The hands resist him

American painter bill Stoneham painted this picture from a not very successful, but quite innocent photo, which depicted himself with her younger sister. Not was anything sinister, but here is the picture of the girl turned into a doll, and the peaceful landscape behind the children — in glass door, which is pressed against baby hands. According to the artist, the glass door is the barrier between the real world and the dream world and the doll — a guide to the world of dreams. Maybe the idea was such, but in the end, the painting itself was a guide to the world of madness.

The first person who saw the picture, and at the same time and its first victim was the art critic and the owner of the Los Angeles times: almost immediately after becoming acquainted with the picture of the man died. Then the painting was purchased by actor John Marley, and soon after died during heart surgery. After that, the picture is quite mysteriously appeared on a dump, where she found a man and decided to decorate this masterpiece to your home. The first night after his four-year daughter came running to my parents ‘ bedroom in tears: in her words, children in the painting were fighting. The next night the same thing happened, only now the children stood at the door. The new owner was quick to get rid of the picture, and it was sold on Internet auction site eBay for a thousand dollars. The new owner placed the painting in his art gallery, but soon began to receive letters demanding to destroy it. Visitors complained that the picture makes them panic attacks, confusion and even heart attacks.

Pieter Bruegel the elder. The adoration of the Magi

Mary Bruegel wrote with his cousin. Alas, the model of the artist in the life of the virgin Mary does not like the poor woman was barren, and, therefore, was frequently beaten by her husband. And she was accused that she “infected” the picture in the house here that painting ceased to be born children. Four times the picture got into private collections, and four times did their infertile owners. In 1637, the painting was bought by the architect Jacob van Campen is a happy father of three children, whom the curse of the painting, naturally, not frightened.

Diego Velasquez. Venus with a mirror

This ominous cloth brought misfortune to its owners for centuries, and calmed down only after he was stabbed. The first victim was a Spanish merchant, soon after buying the paintings, he went bankrupt and was forced to sell off all the property. The new owner of the painting owned by the rich warehouses in the port, and its prosperity was not threatened. Except lightning, which is one night that was straight to the warehouse and started a fire burned them to ashes. And again the owner of the painting destroyed, and re-painting put up for auction. Painting bought another wealthy gentleman, but, unfortunately, is not bankrupt: in three days his home was a robbery and stabbed the owner. And only in 1906 the painting stopped killing: “Venus with a mirror” acquired the London gallery, but have demonstrated a pattern of long. Suffragette Mary Richardson felt that “the cursed canvas” cannot be displayed in the gallery, because it demeans the dignity of women, and sliced up the painting knife. Restored “Venus” seem to have lost their evil disposition after this incident.

Ivan Kramskoy. Unknown

The picture itself is a mystery: none of the contemporaries of Kramskoi never guessed who wrote the artist — the woman in the painting all seemed vaguely familiar, but nobody could remember where I met “Jane DOE”. The artist for all inquiries answered by a mysterious smile. And here is a picture if and smiling to their owners, it is that ominous. Tretyakov refused to buy the painting for his gallery and the painting passed to a private owner. Soon his wife left him and abandoned her husband hurried to get rid of the portrait. The second owner lost his wife and house building burned down, but the painting survived and passed to the third owner. Soon he went bankrupt. Unhappiness is not spared and the archaeology: a year after the painting, the artist has lost two sons. The picture was taken out of the country, but there are new owners pursued unhappiness. Only in 1925, the painting finally take place in the Tretyakov gallery and has since ceased to bring bad luck.

Edvard Munch. Creek

The artist spoke about his most famous painting:

I was walking down the path with two friends — the sun was setting. Suddenly the sky turned blood red I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence — I looked at the blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city. My friends went on, and I stood, quivering with emotion, feeling infinite scream piercing nature.

But the figure screaming and horror on his face rather suggest the thought of the mortal agony, and not about nature. The picture scares one of its kind, but, alas, that her curse is not exhausted.

One of the employees of the Museum, which houses “the Scream”, one day dropped the picture. Soon after the accident began to torment severe headaches. Unbearable migraines soon drove him to suicide. Another employee of the Museum dropped the picture during the change of exposure. Soon after, he got in a terrible car accident. Visitors to the Museum, which he decided to touch the picture, a week later, burned alive in their own home. A cursed painting did not spare even his own Creator: Edvard Munch suffered a severe nervous breakdown, due to which he was subjected to electroshock therapy. The artist died at the age of 81 years, leaving a gift hometown several thousand paintings, drawings, prints and manuscripts. But “the Scream” has eclipsed them all.