How to become a better friend to myself

With family we kind, gentle, attentive, we are always ready to come to their aid.
To his are much cooler. Here are five phrases that are the rights of a best friend it is useful to repeat not only themselves but also for others.

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Как стать лучшей подругой самой себе

“You are wonderful!”

Let’s be honest. Instagram, of course, adorns the person, but how many friends can be called real, honest beautiful women? Few! Others — cute, lovely, nice, interesting or just photogenic. But every under any posted a selfie certainly gets a “microsilica”, “mysuper” and a bunch of Emoji delights. It’s called friendly support. Yourself in a mirror darkly, we are translating the following idea: “Honey, you’re not very”. Bags under the eyes, dress, hair don’t lie, “chest I would like, in waist — S”. To somehow distracted, go in Instagram and praise friend. Her, maybe, also would not hurt to lose weight, changing my wardrobe or view. But for her we are nice words that it would be nice to save for themselves, because they need us much more than her face — Botox and butt Pilates.

“You’ll see, everything will work out!”

Strange dreams make us more enthusiastic than their own. A colleague wants to move to London? Yay! Of course, everything will be fine. Will complete their education language, find an internship, housing will pick up, open a successful business. She’s talented. And smart and do magic. It is urgent to say about it until the sad, frightened by the prospects. And what happens when you want to change? Yes, at least when you dream to leave the hated work to which bus to get longer than the plane to London? We include the mode of “Oh no!” and Noah, “I will Not be able-at, not Nai-Doo, and here I miraculously got here sometimes still pay, and the bus is even stylish, it smells like a Christmas tree and sing “I will go to live in London.” And here we already draw a sad face on the reverse side of summary and decisively send it to the shredder. Not to say inspiring: “You can do it! Here is a great vacancy for you!” and pour yourself a refreshing Cup of tea, to dissolve the thoughts about the bus and his own imperfection.

“Do as you’re comfortable”

You and your friend agreed to meet and she changed her plans. Fell sudden project at work, a man who for a year was going, still called out. Well, or she’s just tired, not in the mood, wants to go home — in a blanket and sleep. What can I say? “Okay, later!” — assure you and quietly go home. And the next time the opposite is true: that you have Abraham, runny nose, cold, not the weather coat or new boots that click with every step, and in the evening comes the final series of the beloved series, you just remembered. What do you say yourself? “It’s nothing”? As it is not so! You even can not speak, because, limping and moaning, I love to meet in a bloody boots and sadly I think the season finale will have tomorrow to study for spoilers on the Internet. But the friend could easily have included in your position. Here you go — and go in warmth and comfort, your favorite heroes and happy-ends. That will be discussed at the next (voluntary!) bachelorette party.

“You deserve better”

Interesting pattern: ex girlfriend is always empty, worthless man is not worth her tears. Not appreciated, not understood, he is to blame. Next! Your ex is the best person on Earth to cry to the sad music with a break for late dinner with bad wine. Follow him on social media, consider sharing photos (which he deleted? More wine!), the night to write “Hello”, and then go to the second round of sobbing, for he read but did not answer. In General, her boyfriend lost, and your you allegedly threw. She is a miracle, and it’s your own fault. Of course, you are a good friend and always at her side. Now, sometimes in a similar situation it is useful to be on their own. And remember that you are also a miracle — a real and very important.

“I’m coming”

To put everything aside in the name of friendship — easy! The poor girl is very sad after a breakup. Or she sat with the child and wants to get out until the mother-in-law agreed to take her. Or moves, and in your trunk just like her sofa and 14 chinchillas. For other for some reason decided to try. The guest will never give a sandwich from stale bread, stale will not offer linens that are too lazy to change it. And the mind the time and effort. We can do this easy. Even always get new Slippers to guests. And the first pancake is always lumpy and cold coffee — the hostess, even though she’s supposed to hot, fragrant, with a delicate foam. Why don’t you show yourself and drink it in peace and goodness. We allow our friends to be just people — normal, imperfect. The one your friend is constantly late, and another good third of a talker. So what! They have many fine qualities. We appreciate, forgive and love them for who they are. That would be strange huh? If love is not very good, then at least try to make friends.

Text: Galina Zvereva