“A” means “empathy”: 4 recommendations on how to improve relationships with people

The word “empathy” in recent years sounds literally everywhere. Every day you talk about how bad it is to be insensitive to the problems and needs of others, how frustrating to draw strength from others ‘ pain and how irresponsible some refer to existing authorities, humiliating other people. In General, be empathetic meant to be soft and pleasant. And whether this quality to develop? Of course!

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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«Э» значит «эмпатия»: 4 рекомендации, как улучшить отношения с людьми

The term “empathy” has two primary meanings. It is a cognitive process in which you represent the thoughts, feelings, and triggers the other person. And this emotional reaction to his situation that is born from this process. You can, for example, to feel sad if you’re sad, or to show sympathy. Empathy is important to maintain good contact with like-minded people, and it can be useful literally anywhere.

1. Imagine yourself in someone else’s skin

One of the main ways in an attempt to understand the other person — imagine yourself in his place. The brain reconfigures to his thoughts and feelings, we can more fully imagine the picture of what is happening in his life. It is possible to remain objective as an observer, but you can try to get into someone else’s role, and in this case, empathy will be manifested more fully. But it is worth remembering that to fully understand the way of thinking of other impossible and your opinion may not coincide with it.

2. Use personal experience

We often select the appropriate events from their past in response to someone’s situation. It can be a difficult breakup, problems at work, painful physical sensations. It’s easier to understand the other, and to convey to him their thoughts. And, of course, to show empathy. But no need to comfort him with the words: “I understand how you feel”. You never know what he feels! Parting after a light novel in youth is not equivalent to a heavy divorce after twenty years of marriage, children and property.

3. Take a break when angry

Even the most empathetic person in the world can disconnect from empathy to anger. It is a complex emotion that requires special attention. If you want to understand the person with whom you are in conflict, step back a step back and wait until the anger subside. Then, perhaps, will be better understood the reasons for his behavior, and they will not match what you thought at first.

4. Look!

Most of the information provided by the individual, either verbally or through body language. Sometimes we want so badly to give advice or to choose the right answer that don’t pay attention to the details.