How to celebrate the New year without the disease

“Since September began(a) to be sick: a respiratory catarrh, sinusitis, bronchitis – hospital do not have time to close, and in fact soon New year!” — how long do we have to hear from friends and family such complaints. And not always are often long suffering patients – children kindergarten or school age. Often adults are not able without medical help “break the cycle” a seasonal viral diseases.


The most desirable new year’s gift…

…for sickly patients (and their parents, if children are involved) – of course, a strong immune system! That will allow it to meet the 2018 in good health, will help to realize your most cherished holiday plans: to travel, to visit interesting new year ideas, to meet friends. But if the immune system is either not yet “ripe” (as is the case with pre-school children) or were no longer fully cope with the prescribed by the nature protection function of the body (in adult and elderly patients), and often “leads” his master is a signal that he needed outside help.

Fitness instructor for your immune system

Today for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with reduced levels of immunity, doctors actively used drugs having immunotropic activity. One of these products registered in Russia – Likopid® (manufacturer JSC “Peptek”). It is no exaggeration to say that due to the unique active substance Likopid® “trains” and improves the performance of your own immune system – just as a personal trainer in the fitness club “is working” with you the problem areas of your body.

Welcome Licopid® recommended complex prophylaxis and treatment of infectious diseases. The drug created and manufactured in Russia by technology developed by scientists of the USSR. Substance on the basis of which he created [1], responsible for the regulation of the immune response to infection and activate cells of innate immunity that is. Naturally, getting help Licopid®, your defender, the immune system faster to respond to the invasion of disease-causing foreign agents such as viruses and bacteria. In practice, this means that the seasonal diseases either pass by, or the organism will faster not allowing a transition in the chronic form, and protect from development of complications.

Likopid can be taken both for prevention and for the treatment of chronic, relapsing infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, and accelerates the achievement of clinical effect, and prolongs the period without disease recurrence.

1 – the active ingredient of the drug Likopid – glucosaminilmuramilpentapeptide (GMDP) – synthetic structural analog of a fragment of the shell of bacterial cells

* There are contraindications, before applying you should consult with a specialist