Coffee should not be brewed with boiling water

Coffee is one of the most healthy drinks in the diet: science confirmed many of its health properties. American scientists conducted another experiment and found that brewing coffee should “cool” way.

Experts from the University of Thomas Jefferson recommended use to prepare coffee is not boiling and more cooling water. According to scientists, this method of brewing the human body gets more valuable minerals.

The authors of the experiment used four types of coffee, brewing it “cool” way and traditionally, with boiling water. It turned out that the coffee obtained with the use of room temperature water, was the most useful.

“We found out that if you give coffee to brew at room temperature yields more of caffeine and chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant,” – said the researchers.

The chlorogenic acid found in coffee, known for its ability to reduce the risk of development of malignant tumor formation. It also helps to improve the elasticity of the vascular walls, gives anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and improves skin condition due to the normalization of the processes of oxygen supply to the cells.

Scientists added that high concentration of caffeine in the cold brewed, maintained regardless of coffee grinding. The acidity of the beverage, this method is not reflected.