Hibernation: where to find motivation if you are too lazy to do anything

Winter is a real stress to the body. Constantly sleepy, to get out from under the blanket is not desirable. But you need to go. Cosmo, along with implementing an online service of household services YouDo.com gathered effective ways that will help to focus on tasks and find inspiration.

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Зимняя спячка: где найти мотивацию, если лень делать все

Set the objectives for the future

Start with setting goals. The beginning of the year perfectly suited for this. Try not to use the common phrase “Get more” or “Learn English” — they are quickly forgotten.

Articulate the goal to the desire to achieve it you have started to run goosebumps. For example: “Written on the modern ballet and at the end of the year for the first time to perform on stage”. Or: “By June to become head of his Department”.

Find an example to follow

Whose success inspires you? Maybe you, like Meghan Markle, I want to meet a real Prince? Or you dream to become the new Marissa Mayer and conquer the IT field? Maybe think that your YouTube channel will make you a new Maryana Ro?

As said woody Allen, 80% of success is the ability to appear at the right time and in the right place. Analyze the behavior of their idol which the people around him, how he managed to succeed, and take it on Board.

Pick a growth projection

Perhaps the unwillingness to work is not in the winter, and the fact that you were bored with your job or you’re just treading water. Understand what needs to change to reach a new level.

“Set a bar for yourself to which you aspire. In psychology this is called “growth.” It allows you to treat any task as an opportunity to learn something, improve your skills,” says Gregory, psychologist, artist, YouDo.com.

Podbadrival yourself

When not in the mood to work, try to raise it themselves. Sometimes this requires quite a bit. Come to the coffee shop on the way to the office and grab a Cup of your favorite coffee and a croissant.

If something does not work out, reassure yourself: “I can cope with this task! To complete there are very few! It was a useful lesson.” Simple phrases will help you set up and preserve energy to work effectively.

Start small

Remember his most difficult task this month. At first it was scary, but then you all complied, and are now proud of their achievement. Is just about to begin.

To cope with the complex task, break it into small steps. After completing a small part, you’ll be happy with yourself and can move forward. Small victories give the right attitude.

Imagine the reward for the result

For any person important feedback, so hope to get a high evaluation of the work energizes and motivates the most. Psychologists call this “positive strokes”.

Imagine that you’ve finished the job, showed her boss, and she praised, — it will give strength to complete the task.


Hard work it is important to dilute the rest. Don’t take your work laptop home on weekends — better to spend free time with friends at the rink, go with your favorite “Star wars” or just stay in silence.

“Focus on the work I helps music. I have several sets that help to concentrate. And motivate me with money and plans for the future. Sometimes that is very tired, and you need to work. Then I promise myself half an hour doing nothing. Or, for example, are you going to travel and at the moment exhausted, I say to myself: “Dora, Italy!” And continue to work”, — comments Daria, designer and performer YouDo.com.

Train your motivation as muscle fitness, always to go to work in a good mood and achieve success.