4 best fat for fans of the ketogenic diet

Fats are indispensable elements of the ketogenic diet, whose popularity hits record. Experts nutritionists have called 4 best fat for fans of this style of food.

Coconut oil. It is used in various folk cultures for many centuries. In recent years coconut oil has received more attention from scientists from different countries, who believe that this product has many health benefits. It is known that oil supports thyroid function, promotes healthy heart, promotes weight loss and improves brain function and the immune system.

Olive oil. A significant component of the Mediterranean diet, which is similar to a ketogenic diet relies on the importance of healthy fats. Olive oil is rich with antioxidants, fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, vitamins a and K. Also, this oil helps with such health problems as diabetes and heart disease.

Sesame oil. This product contains linoleic acid, it provides the health of the heart, makes bones stronger and keeps under control the blood pressure. Sesame oil can be used for frying and for salads.

Peanut butter. A true treasure trove of antioxidants and vitamin E, one of the best oils that you can use in a healthy ketogenic diet. It also helps to regulate cholesterol and to resist the accumulation of plaques in the arteries.