Doctors told about the dangers of regular tea

Advantages of tea are well known: it quenches thirst, reduces cholesterol in blood, normalizes the heart and blood vessels, rejuvenates with anti-oxidants and even has beneficial effects on the brain. But tea has its dangerous side. Lately, there have been several studies whose authors insist that tea can bring not only benefit, but harm.

In particular, there are works in which there is a link between drinking hot tea and bleeding. So, the British otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon Henry sharp (Henry Sharpe) was of the opinion that scalding hot tea I like to drink some men, negatively influence the blood vessels of the nasopharynx. The “steam bath”, adopted by them in the course of this drink, making them wider, causing nosebleeds. There is a point of view – to date, unproven – as if the hot tea increases the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

Anyway, the optimum temperature of tea are considered to be 50-60° C. This means that a freshly brewed Cup of tea is better to stand for 5-7 minutes at room temperature to reach condition, perfect for drinking.

In addition, you should avoid too strong brewed tea. In The New England Journal of Medicine published a study according to which strong tea destroys teeth and bones. It contains the stories of several patients, victims of their habit to brew the tea too strong. Doctors said that the constant use of tea contributes to the accumulation of fluoride in the bones that can adversely affect the condition of the skeleton and teeth.

In addition, according to the canadian edition of the Journal of Toxicology published the results of a study of a large number of samples of packaged tea from different regions of the planet, this drink can contain heavy metals – lead, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium. It is assumed that the metals into the leaves and contaminated soil. Scientists advise not to insist drink more than 3 minutes to it did not concentrate undesirable components.