Identified type prone to diabetes people

Researchers from Maastricht University (Netherlands) came to the conclusion that lonely and isolated people have higher probability of diabetes of the 2nd type than those who are active in their social contacts. The analytical work on the survey of more than 2.8 thousand people aged 40 to 75 years.

The authors of the new study found that in people without diabetes, on average, there were 11 friends and family members in the social networks – as people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, they were less than 8. Experts have concluded that the more withdrawn existence were observed by them men and women, the more they were diagnosed with diabetes of the 2nd type.

“Reducing communication in social networks even with one person has increased the risk of developing diabetes by 12% in women and 10% men,” stated the scientists.

According to experts, socially active people more incentives and stronger motivation to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they receive more emotional and practical support from their environment. Particularly useful for health and Wellness is becoming in middle age and older.

The results of this study published in the journal BMC Public Health.