Proven that dietary fiber helps cancer

Scientists from the UK, representing the Institute of Babraham found that eating foods with fiber leads to the development of body substances, not allowing to develop colorectal cancer – the second degree of mortality type of cancer. The work of specialists a new publication in Nature Communications.

The researchers found that bacteria in the digestive tract secreted compound from the class of short-chain fatty acids interacting with human DNA. According to scientists, this substance is formed in the large intestines, but is transported not only in the gastrointestinal tract, but also in the brain.

“These substances can azetilirovanie DNA as a result of this process is the modification of gene activity and self-regulation of the organism”, – quotes the authors of the project log. Such self-regulation, the authors explain, the body automatically includes anti-inflammatory mechanisms in response to the activation of pathogens.

It was observed that the production of substances that protect the body from cancer, became intensive in the use of dietary fiber contained in foods such as vegetables, fruits and various cereals. Scientists believe that the use of these products is effective for the prevention of tumors of the intestine.

According to statistics, colorectal cancers annually over 700 thousand people. In November, on passing in Spain, the United European gastroenterology week made a statement that scientists are biased in today’s world with increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in individuals younger than 50 years, although this type of cancer has long been considered a disease of much more advanced age.