The most dangerous for the heart products

The daily diet must consider the condition of the body, because even useful, at first glance, the products can be harmful for the heart. To maintain weakened heart muscle experts have advised to give up certain foods entirely.

In particular, avoid harm to the cardiovascular system, scientists recommend to reduce the consumption of red or any other fish eggs, beer and champagne, sausages, especially smoked, canned pate, cakes and pastries, muffins and hard cheese with a high fat percentage. This writes the “Chronicle info”.

These products contain so-called “hidden fats” and a lot of salt, sugar, carbon dioxide, flavor enhancers, preservatives and other ingredients, as would “clog” the arteries. As a result of the arteries narrow and blood pressure rises, which results in the development of hypertension.

In turn, hypertension is dangerous because sooner or later cause other problems with the heart and blood vessels. Nutritionists remind you that eating “dangerous” foods, people risk one day end up in the hospital with a sudden heart attack.