Women react to pain differently than men

The German researchers conducted an original experiment that surprised with his results.

The phenomenon is familiar to almost everyone, but because of its complexity for the science we know very little is known of the specific mechanisms and details. Scientists from the University of Frankfurt, University of Marburg and the project group on “Translational medicine and pharmacology” (Germany) developed a new research approach that allowed us to learn about the phenomenon of pain a lot. Details about the study reported in the journal Pain.

Scientists have created a “human pain model”. Thus, on 82 healthy subjects exposed to a different way: pressure, heat or cold, and reproduced clinical pain in the laboratory. With the help of ultraviolet radiation on the area of the skin called sunburn on other areas of the applied ointment with capsacin. In both cases, managed to reduce the pain threshold. Then scientists figured out how subjects react to different pathogens.

Data processing allowed to detect many interesting things. In particular, after exposure to capsacin revealed two groups of perception of pressure that differ by sex of the subjects. Women reacted to the pressure sensitive men.