A need for frequent daytime sleep talking about illness

If the person often feels the need to sleep despite the fact that sleeping through the night 7-8 hours, it says something about a failure in the body, say Swedish doctors from the Institute of stress research.

A study of Swedish experts have shown that after a sleepless night short daytime sleep can bring many benefits. Professionals have used electroencephalography, and demonstrated that the positive health effect is seen after a 10 minute NAP.

But if a person is constantly in need of rest from sleep, it says “system failure,” concluded the researchers. “For example, it may be due to any small inflammation, depression, excess weight or lack of something else,” said Professor thorbjørn, Akerstedt working at the Institute of stress research.

People who regularly sleeping little sweat night, not enough time for the necessary recovery of the body, said the Professor. It may suffer immune system, to cause ionoobmen and shareable that can lead to cardiovascular disease.

A study conducted by Amersterdam, found that as lack of sleep (6.5 hours or less) and the residue (9.5 hours or more) in any way associated with higher mortality.