Fast food makes the immune system more aggressive

Scientists have found long-term consequences of fatty and high-calorie nutrition for immunity.

In many developed countries people often eat foods high in fat and calories. This helps to spread excess weight and diabetes. The effect of diet on the immune system in the long term, remain largely unknown. An international group of scientists under the guidance of employees of the University of Bonn (Germany) showed that high-fat and high-calorie food not only leads to short-term activation of the immune system, but also makes her more aggressive and in the long term. Details about the study reported in the journal Cell.

In the study, researchers fed mice a “Western diet” with a large proportion of fats, sugars and a low content of ballast substances. As a result, animals develop massive inflammation similar to infection of dangerous bacteria. Unhealthy diet causes an increase in the number of certain immune cells in the blood. This indicates the involvement of cells-predecessors in the bone marrow in inflammatory process.

Genome studies have shown that the cells of the predecessor in connection with the “Western diet” activate a large number of genes. This mechanism is aimed at the rapid establishment of the “shock link” immune cells. And it’s genetic programming in laboratory mice was maintained for a long time even after returning to a healthy diet.