Forecasts of doctors are unfavourable: Tabakov worse

The people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov’s conditions worsened, and the doctors are not optimistic. Information about this shared TV channel REN TV.

The state of the actor is deteriorating and remains serious with the forecast in the negative direction, informed the TV channel. To date, Oleg Tabakov for more than a month in the hospital.

In January it was reported that the health Tabakov suffered after an unsuccessful installation of dental implants. Dental procedure has caused complications that left without proper attention of doctors – and in the end, the artist has developed sepsis.

27 Dec Oleg Tabakov introduced into an artificial coma. Later in mass media there was information that the tobacco came to mind, but practically didn’t know anybody.

Famous artist of 82 years. In late November, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of City clinical hospital named after Pirogov, and since then has not pokatil hospital walls.