In the Urals died of cancer the woman had been treated for degenerative disc disease

27-year-old Russian woman, single-handedly bringing up three children, died from advanced forms of cancer, while doctors treated the mother of many children from low back pain. The woman was initially misdiagnosed.

Evgeny Popov went to the doctors of the city hospital of Krasnoturyinsk in the autumn of last year. A young woman complained of severe pain, but in the Oncology Department of city hospital did not see the connection between pain and seals in the chest, appears in women after the birth of her third child. When later Popova began to ache, she was prescribed a treatment of degenerative disc disease.

But the recommended by doctors therapy did not help, and could not help, as it turned out later. From a large mother had cancer, which overlooked the doctors of the city hospital. The tumor Evgenia found in Sverdlovsk regional Oncology center, where she was unfortunately turned too late. January 11, the woman died.

Media reported that the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region initiated check of actions of doctors. Three children of the deceased women were left orphans, their father is missing.

Osteochondrosis is called breach in the integrity of cartilage tissue, vertebrae and intervertebral discs. In the practice of Western medicine such a diagnosis as “low back pain”, no.