Investigated genetic susceptibility to bladder cancer

Certain combinations of genes turned out to be much more dangerous than others.

Bladder cancer is an extremely mysterious disease, the causes of which still have not been clear enough. Often it is associated with strong Smoking, but it is also found in non-smokers. Scientists from the Institute for the study of work it is. Leibnitz at the Technical University of Dortmund (Germany) showed that certain variants of the genome cause an increased risk of cancer of the bladder.

Scientists concluded that heredity determines the possibility of cancer of the urinary bladder by 30%. Studies were identified 15 regions of the genome that may contribute to increased risk of cancer. Particularly high risk when combined with certain mutations.

In the study, were analyzed more than 100 thousand combinations of genetic variants (12) more than 5000 patients with bladder cancer and 5400 participants. It turned out that there is a particularly dangerous combination, which accounted for nearly 25% of all cancers in non-smokers. In this case, the risk of the disease increased 2.5 times. These variants of genes responsible for cell division and the release of harmful substances and the concentration of urine.