It became clear that it prevents the victims of obesity to lose weight

Why men with obesity so it is rarely possible to lose weight while on a diet? It turned out that fat cells can scar or become inflamed, causing them almost impossible to break.

Scientists have found out why people with obesity is it so hard to lose weight, regardless of how hard the diet they follow. Obesity itself triggers a kind of vicious cycle in which people with a figure in the shape of an Apple, where the fat is around the belly and sides, is not able to get rid of it. In this type of shape significantly increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. And now scientists have discovered that fat itself is under stress, it undergoes scarring and inflammation, which fat cells are not destroyed as a result of diet.

This information obtained by scientists from the University of Exeter, may be the breakthrough that will help to stop the negative process. And it will give victims of obesity hope for victory in the struggle with large amounts of excess weight. Scientists have found a molecule that causes scarring and launches the same cumulative effect that threatens the man by getting fat in the organs and arteries, high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.

Studies have shown that people with obesity suffer from scarring of adipose tissue, because of which it is harder to lose weight. Fat cells are much less likely to accumulate extra calories, which fat moves in other places of the body, facilitates internal organs like the liver. The study showed that is the drivers of such a process. And the findings can be used to create drugs that block.