Son of Joe Biden killed the trash from Iraq

Former U.S. President Joe Biden believes that toxic fumes after burning of trash in open pits could play a significant role in the development of brain cancer at his son. The young man died from the disease after he had served some time in Iraq.

Former U.S. President Joe Biden, known for his role in the events in Ukraine and many other similar “revolutions,” admitted to journalists that his 46-year-old son who died in 2015 from brain cancer, could become a victim of the practice of burning garbage in open pits. Beau Biden served in Iraq, he was in two spots, where they practiced the burning of trash in open pits, and to accelerate the process you used aviation fuel. Some time after returning from Iraq a young man fell ill with brain cancer and died from this disease. And now, after many years of research, scientists came to the conclusion about the existence of relationships between brain tumor and the process of incineration.

Joe Biden admitted that scientists obtained information, he was amazed because he did not know about it. Pits for burning is a fairly common practice for getting rid of garbage in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in these pits burned everything from paint and tires and ending with electronics. In the last time there was ample evidence that the combustion of this kind of products in the air stand out toxic fumes that can trigger the development of malignancies, including brain cancer.

Beau Biden, represented the eldest son of Joe Biden, served in Iraq from 2008 to 2009. A year after returning home he was hospitalized, and the doctors suspected he had a mild stroke. In 2013, he again went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. This is the same type of brain cancer, which is now suffering from a us Senator and an ardent Russophobe, John McCain.