The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health does not see the benefit from frightening images on the labels of alcohol

The leadership of the Federal project “Sober Russia” has addressed in the Ministry of health with the initiative to place on the packaging of alcoholic beverages illustration, highlighting the dangers of excessive drinking. The image, according to the authors of ideas should complement textual information.

The Ministry promised to study the proposal: “we will Work together with experts, review of existing experiences in other States, and relevant scientific data,” said RT Director of the Department of public health & communications Ministry of health Oleg Salagay.

However, according to the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Eugene Brune, the use of frightening illustrations on the bottles are unlikely to have a significant impact on the level of alcohol consumption in the country. “I think the person who used to drink and smoke, nothing to be scared of. Just some bans that really work. The restriction of consumption, the legislative restriction in place, then I guess it works” — he said, RIA “Novosti”.

The psychiatrist remarked that it is difficult to assess what effect have had a similar measure in the case of cigarettes, since there are no such statistics, and said that the only thing that worked is the limitation of Smoking, and alcohol began to drink less, because the imposed time constraints of sales. “All these horror stories, in my opinion, nothing but laughter, our people did not cause… as far As I know, Western countries have gone the way of the fact that it’s just without any pictures, empty bundle”, — said Yevgeny Bryun.

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