Unrequited love has a special effect on the brain

Study of American scientists from new York University, opened a picture of what is happening in the brain of the person who has to endure unrequited (unanswered) love. The researchers found, in these circumstances, the activated areas of the brain that are “turned on” and physical pain.

Scientists have found that experiences due to the lack of reciprocity in love can “break” the brain. Using MRI it was found that in the brain activated areas that emit intense neurosignal and pain physical properties. But in a situation with unrequited love, these signals become abnormal, and the person experiences the pangs more lasting properties than it may be in a situation with sensations of physical pain.

“The brain as if gets jammed, and he constantly reminds about the object of love. This happens again and again, and each time hurts”, he said, the researchers observed their condition.

According to them, these processes in the body do not give the OK to think and work. Because of unrequited love, may come to the present state of disability with a permanent physical and emotional pain.

At this time, the sufferer may experience “withdrawal syndrome”, as in drug addiction or alcoholism, noted the study authors. People may be ready to stop suffering in any way, which increases the risk of committing the most dramatic actions.