Yogurt broccoli will protect a person from colon cancer

People should be more actively included in your diet yogurt of broccoli. Researchers from Singapore found that this first sight somewhat strange product is effective in the prevention of colon cancer.

A yogurt-based broccoli can prevent and even cure colon cancer, according to researchers. They found that is made of broccoli yogurt kills 75% of tumors in laboratory mice and more than 95% of the cells of colon cancergrown in the laboratory. Broccoli contains a chemical substance sulvaran that fights cancer, and the yogurt has probiotics, i.e. bacteria, to keep the natural balance of microorganisms in the stomach and intestines.

Researchers believe that yogurt-based broccoli is an effective means of dealing with bowel cancer, which can be used for its prevention, and also for removal of remaining in the body of cancer cells after surgical operation. In the study, scientists create a harmless form of the bacteria contained in the intestine. Using genetic techniques, they have processed it in a probiotic, which are joined to the surface of cells of colon cancer and have identified an enzyme to convert the substance contained in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables in a potentially powerful anticancer agent.

In tests, this substance kills almost all cells of colon cancer grown in the laboratory. And then, to the delight of researchers, the combination of yogurt and broccoli were destroyed and 75% of tumors in mice with bowel cancer.