Fructose is no better than regular sugar

Experts ask more critical of the advertising of foods containing fructose.

For a long time, fruit sugar – fructose – considered a safe alternative to sugar beet (cane) sugar – sucrose – is for people who are overweight, the metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus. However, recent studies have shown that the safety of fructose has been imaginary. Therefore, it is recommended to limit not only in the refined form, but even in the composition of the fruit.

The German society on nutrition (DGE)
previously just recommended to consume at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits. Now, however, his experts make a reservation: servings of fruit should be no more than two, and the rest should come from vegetables. They contain a lot of fructose, and more with the development of breeding.

An expert from the German Institute of nutrition in Potsdam Stefan Cubes resembles a large chemical similarities between fructose and glucose (produced from sugar). Significant difference not in favor of fructose is that glucose is absorbed only in the secretion of insulin. For fructose there is no need. So fruit sugar is primarily converted into fat, primarily visceral. Fructose also contributes to metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Stefan Cubes warns from trust advertising products, which reported on natural or fruit origin sugar. Sucrose also has natural origin and it does not mean its safe. Also, keep in mind fructose intolerance – a condition that is caused by heredity, but observed more often in high consumption of this sugar.