Germany receives more organs for transplantation than pays itself

Union Eurotransplant helps out Germany, where there is a constant decrease in the number of donors.

In Germany the decrease in the number received a transplant of donor organs. Despite the fact that the need for such bodies and all those in need continues to grow, the level of donation was at the level of 20 years ago. According to the newspaper Seuddeutsche Zeitung, in 2017 the number of organ donors was only 769 people, that is 8% lower than in 2016, This suggests that the policy of recent years in the field of promotion of organ donation has proved unsuccessful.

Because their donor organs in Germany, sorely lacking, the Germans get help from other countries: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Croatia. These countries are United in the Union of Eurotransplant, which provides for the exchange of donor materials. The bodies are people who need them the most, and the waiting queue in the computer system of the Union is 14,500 people.