In Bavaria there is a growing risk of pertussis

Statistics confirmed a steady tendency of increase in the incidence of this highly contagious infection.

Earlier reported rising incidence of pertussis in North-East Germany. However, summarizing 2017 showed that in the South, not all is well. In wealthy Bavaria, where a lot of people want to avoid vaccination, the situation with whooping cough every year continues to deteriorate.

Infection with whooping cough occurs throughout the year, but autumn and winter infections there are more. According to the Bavarian office for health and food safety, in 2017 was awarded 3409 infections. A clear trend of continuous growth since 2013, when it was established the compulsory registration of all episodes. Then ill 2628 people, an increase of 2017 was 29%.

The Minister of health of Bavaria Melanie Huml in connection with these data recalled that protects against whooping cough can only vaccination. It must be done by the relatives of the newborn not later than four weeks before the expected birth. Otherwise, the child is at risk of Contracting infection, especially dangerous for minors.