How to chew propolis for health: tips

Bee products will bring your body only benefits, but you must know how to use them correctly and in what quantity. For example, not everyone knows how to use propolis and what it represents. If you have the opportunity to buy quality propolis, we advise you to do it, it will become your indispensable assistant and will protect from many diseases.

The benefits of propolis for health: what kind?

This product of bee is used not only for treatment but also for disease prevention. The second name of the propolis is “bee glue”. You can use it inside, in reasonable quantities it will do you only good. But as propolis is quite concentrated, you need to use it in minimal dose.

As shown by research, it includes hundreds of nutrients and to transfer them for a very long time. There are vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, essential oils.

When chewed propolis protects your gums and teeth, prevents tooth decay, heals inflammation of the mucous membranes and nasopharynx. He successfully fights viruses and bacteria, protects the immune system, prevents the increase of cholesterol, increases tone of the body, protects from stresses, rejuvenates and tones. Propolis improves the work of stomach and intestines, improves metabolic processes and positively affects blood circulation. It is proved that regular consumption helps to prevent cancer.

What should be fresh propolis?

Suggest to buy it from reliable people, because often you can find a product with expired shelf life. It needs to be as elastic in consistency similar to clay. Pay attention to the color — it should be dark green or dark brown. If it crumbles and has a too dark color, to abandon such a purchase.

How to chew propolis in its pure form: tips

The product is only useful if you use it regularly, several times a week. Is it possible to chew propolis or not? Yes, you can, so you can strengthen gums and teeth, protect mucous membranes against bacteria, eliminate inflammation. It is recommended to use in diseases of the gums and throat, it helps with sore throat, flu, inflammation of the nasopharynx.

You can also use propolis not even liquid, it has a therapeutic effect on the entire body. The advantage of chewing that the product has a therapeutic effect on gums and teeth, mucous membranes. If swallowed, this effect will be.

How to chew propolis? This is a fairly simple and quick procedure. Start with 2 grams of propolis, chew it for 5 minutes, then spit it out. In a few weeks can increase the dosage to 4 grams. How often carry out the procedure? If you use the product with the goal of preventing, rather than 1 time a day. If the treatment — 2-3 times a day, between meals or at night.

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Recommend to chew its front teeth, so it will not stick to enamel.

How long is the treatment? Continue the procedure until full recovery. If you do it with the purpose of prevention, after 3 weeks take a break for a month, then repeat if necessary.

If chewed you don’t have to like it, swallow it or take propolis in the form of a tincture can also be prepared at home or bought in a pharmacy.

Who should not use propolis.

It can not be used for those who are allergic to bee products. With regard to pregnancy and breastfeeding, in these cases it should be used in minimal dose, the same applies to children up to 5 years.

Chewing propolis in its pure form and how to do it? With our tips you learned how to properly carry out the procedure. Do not exceed the recommended dose, the manifestation of allergies, refrain from using propolis.

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