How to protect yourself from diseases in winter

Christmas story ended, fast flying fun, everyone returned to their usual business. And again around wheezing cough. Sneezing, blowing your nose in handkerchiefs and wiping mittens for children and adults noses.


At any time, in the bus, tram or subway, at the ATM, and still, Christmas bright Windows we have had a danger “to catch a seasonal cold.” Answer the question: “Why are Souvenirs, gifts and surprises we buy in advance, and health care put off for later, relying on chance?

Are you familiar with the “neither there nor here”? Lethargy and the feeling that a little more, and You will not be able to get out of bed? In this presentiment of the disease you’re sitting the whole day, week, month. And friends complain that they have sometimes fared no better. Have you ever hear the words “Since September do not have time to close the hospital”? Meanwhile, the situation can and must take control!

It is known that physical training, tempering, good nutrition, including fruits and vegetables, adequate sleep, and annual trips to sea strengthen overall health. And in addition, the use of modern immunotropic medicines that are recommended for the prevention of respiratory disease. One of those drugs registered in Russia for medical use – Likopid® 1 mg.

Likopid® will act as a reliable shield between you and the unwelcome infection. It is no exaggeration to say that due to the unique active substance (1) Likopid® “trains” and improves the effectiveness of your own immune system – just as a personal trainer in the fitness club “is working” with you the problem areas of your body. Exerting an activating effect on cells of the immune system, the drug is rapidly excreted from the body. Likopid® 1 mg is indicated for use for the prevention and complex treatment of a wide range of diseases: from chronic respiratory infections to herpes infections. Studies have shown that the accession named drug to traditional methods of treatment accelerates the achievement of clinical effect and prolongs the period without disease recurrence [2, 3].


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* There are contraindications, before applying you should consult with a specialist