How to remove a boil at home: methods

If you are found on the face or body large bump that turned red and hurts, most likely it’s a boil. Unlike the normal pimple, it Matures for much longer, sometimes a bump does not pass for several weeks. To resolve inflammation, it is necessary that it is ripe and boil completely out pus. But how to achieve it, and how to accelerate it maturation?

What is a boil and how does it form?

It is formed in consequence of inflammatory processes in the sebaceous gland. After a few days under the skin begins to form pus. The size of the boil depends on the degree of inflammation and number of pus. The small size is reminiscent of a pea, sometimes it increases to the size of a walnut. Unlike normal acne, it is a great discomfort as accompanied by severe pain and swelling.

The appearance of the lesions provoked by the ingestion of staphylococcal bacteria. They aktiviziruyutsya under certain conditions, result in the skin appear purulent tumors. The danger of boils is that when the infection may suffer the whole body.

The main causes of boils — decreased immunity, presence of harmful habits, unbalanced diet, chronic illness, impaired metabolism, diabetes, colds.

How to remove a boil at home: tips, ways

How to remove a boil at home? Home treatment is allowed at the initial stages of inflammation. If it has large dimensions and severe swelling, it is advised to consult a doctor. To remove the pus can only be the case if the boil is already ripe.

Is it possible to pierce the skin of anything to speed up maturation? No, in no case do not try to puncture the skin with a needle, scissors, forceps or any other instruments. The same applies to therapy — do not apply to the inflammation hot compresses, high temperature only accelerates the spread of infection.

Step 1: machining with an antiseptic. This is necessary in order to prevent the breeding of bacteria and infection. As an antiseptic you can use regular rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: smear the affected area with a thick layer of ointment Levomekol, top fix bandage. Instead Levomekol ointments you can use Vishnevsky ointment, Ichthyol. Leave for 6-8 hours. Wash the affected area and repeat the procedure. Continue to use the ointment for as long as the surface does not seem pus.

Step 3: press out the pus. Is it possible to squeeze the boils? Doctors do not recommend doing it yourself, but if the inflammation is slight, you may cope with the problem at home. To remove the pus only when it appears on the surface of the inflammation. Treat hands and skin area with rubbing alcohol or other antiseptic, giving the skin with two fingers, the pus should pop out easily. Again treated the wound with antiseptic to prevent infection.

If you squeezed out all the pus in a few days the wound will pojivit, puffy. If in the following days the swelling is not reduced and the hump again festers, contact your doctor. Maybe the wound got infection or boil is not fully matured.

Onions and boils

If you are not able to use the pharmacy drugs, you can use traditional methods. One of the most effective ways to provoke the ripening of the boil — baked onions. Bake it in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then attach the piece to the inflammation, and secure with a bandage and leave for 2-3 hours. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Honey tortilla for quick ripening

Mix 1 tbsp of honey and a little flour, stir. As a result, you should get a fairly thick mixture similar to porridge. Spread it on the swollen place, fasten the cotton pad and bandage, leave for 3-4 hours.

Fresh aloe leaf

Cut an aloe leaf, apply it to the boil and secured with a bandage, leave for 2-3 hours.

When to see a doctor?

It is not necessary to wait a few weeks when ripe pus as the boil may eventually turn into a lump. If after 3-4 days of home treatment you failed to remove pus, contact your doctor. The same applies to cases, if the patient has fever, the boil increased in size.

Upon detection of face or body new boils you can not do without professional assistance. He will prescribe vitamins and antibiotics, which will help eliminate infection and speed up recovery.

How to remove and squeeze the boil at home? If education is large and on its surface there is pus, it is not necessary to engage in its destruction of the house. In such cases, you need medical help.

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