The treatment of the future: health cluster is preparing a revolution in the Russian health care

Channel “the Doctor”, well-known figures of domestic medicine, heads of departments and entrepreneurs at the next meeting of the “scientific Council” discussed the creation of the Moscow international medical cluster, which will work in the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.


In the near future will come here foreign clinics and will work on its own, bringing not only the latest medical technologies and scientific practices.

How it works all over the world

Good examples are medical clusters in Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea and France. For example, Bavarian Medical Valley cluster is organized and funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany. It includes more than 500 companies involved in medical technologies, more than 65 hospitals in which are treated annually about 850 000 patients. In addition, more than 20 non-University research institutes and more than 80 institutes and universities working on innovative solutions in the field of medical technology. Since 2010 the cluster is the leading cluster of medical technology in Germany. Resulting from the synergy of technology and expertise used to develop and bring to market effective solutions adapted to global demand.

The clusters will operate according to its laws

In Russia, thanks to state support, also began to appear the first medical clusters. A vivid example – the Moscow cluster, created through the merger of the Moscow scientific research Institute named after P. A. Herzen, Institute of urology and the Obninsk radiological center. The result of this merge was the emergence of breakthrough treatments for cancer and the creation of the Russian proton accelerator physicists.

SKOLKOVO will go even further. There will be clinics from different countries of the world — “Hadassah” from Israel, “Bundan” from South Korea and UPMC US and they can work according to their own foreign laws will have the right to hire doctors-foreigners and use of medical equipment and drugs that are not registered in Russia. However, according to General Director MMK “SKOLKOVO” Mikhail Yugai, “the responsibility will be borne by the Russian legislation”. “We have serious work to finalize the regulatory framework. We have already parsed all of these questions with lawyers, are also cooperating in this direction with the Ministry of health, Roszdravnadzor, customs, migration and tax service”, – said M. Yugay.


Medicine is a profitable business

According to the President of JSC “Medicine” Grigory Rojtberg, today, medicine is becoming more attractive for business. A multidisciplinary clinic headed by Dr. Roytberg is a great example of private capital, which allowed us to implement the best international practices and to train doctors abroad. In 2016, the inflow of investments in this sector amounted to 26 billion rubles. However, the clinic “Medicine” is only a drop in the ocean. No wonder, statistically, that the treatment abroad Russians spend about $ 1.5 billion. On the wave of this interest came the idea of creating the Moscow international medical cluster. MMC puts soy aim to treat the Russians at home at the best international standards. If all plans come to pass, the Russian medicine will make great breakthrough and will come to a qualitatively new level, and initiators MMMK “SKOLKOVO” according to the City of Roitberg will be “national heroes”.