Germany will build a major new medical center

An acute lack of facilities has forced us to increase the capacity of the University hospital of göttingen.

The Federal state of lower Saxony agreed to Finance the construction of a new medical centre in göttingen, where it is necessary to move the hospital. The Minister of economy of Lower Saxony Bjorn, Tumler stated that the construction can start right now. We are talking about a hospital 624 beds worth 150 million euros. The construction of a medical center will require at least 1 billion euros in capital expenditure.

Currently started the preliminary work and actual construction should start in early 2019 Readiness of the first stage is expected in 2022 And 2033 University hospital of göttingen will be completely rebuilt. This decision turned out to be more cost-effective than rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.

Initially in the mid 1970-ies hospital of göttingen was calculated on 30 thousand patients and 3 million employees. However, in such circumstances, now have to accommodate 65 thousand in-patients and 7.7 thousand employees. Besides, in the medical center served 400 thousand outpatients a year.