In Kazakhstan jealous woman castrated boyfriend

36-year-old resident of Astana because of jealousy deprived cohabitant windy reproductive organs. In the report, law enforcement officials said: “in the home carried out the castration”.

The details of this shocking case reported on the portal The mother of two children, Zhanna Nurzhanova, I realized that her boyfriend is infatuated by another woman – a woman made after her hands got a smartphone men. In it, she found photos and other strangers: apparently, elect Jeanne willingly met and flirted on the side.

Beside himself with jealousy and anger, the woman decided to take revenge on the boyfriend. She offered the man an erotic game, which tied him hand and foot. After that I was forced to drink a sedative, and when the lover overcame, took the knife.

After castration the man started bleeding, which Jeanne failed to stop on their own. The woman managed to move her boyfriend into the car and drove to the hospital where he was later arrested.

Currently, the heroine of this story is in jail waiting for the verdict, which the investigators transferred the case file.