Scientists saw a new threat in sedentary work

Research experts from the USA gave unexpected results – scientists announced the existence of a link between inactivity and the development of cancer of the urinary system. This conclusion was made by them on the basis of data obtained after the experiment with the participation of 2,000 people.

Between the low mobility of people and their susceptibility to cancer of the kidneys and bladder there is a connection, writes the portal Chronicles info, who told us about this project. The researchers analyzed medical records of nearly two thousand volunteers and correlated them with the lifestyles of people.

Among the present subjects were patients who had diagnoses indicating kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. In a separate group consisted of healthy volunteers. All participants re-took the examinations and questionnaires, which allowed to reveal the peculiarities of their existence.

After examining the information obtained, doctors have determined that over 70% of the volunteers with malignant tumors of the kidney and bladder had a sedentary job and generally didn’t move enough during the day. The group of healthy volunteers had a high level of physical activity that occurred in their daily lives.

The scientists noted that while it is impossible to confidently declare that it is the lack of physical activity is the main precipitating factor for the development of cancer of the kidneys and bladder. This correlation (if it is still the place to be) must confirm other studies. However, experts recommend people not to expose themselves to possible danger and to move more.