Selected the best quality crab sticks in the Russian shops

Crab sticks – one of the favorite food on the table of Russians. Quality option they represent an excellent dietary source of protein, calcium, and magnesium. Which to choose?

Staff Roskoshestvo checked the composition of crab sticks, selecting for examination of 30 samples of product from producers from Russian regions and Belarus. The quality and safety of crab sticks, experts evaluated in accordance with 36 indicators.

The composition of crab sticks includes fish, egg protein, starch, fats and spices, but also allowed the use of food additives. Foundation sticks – fish meat “surimi”, which in this product should not be less than 40%. However, in Roskoshestvo noted that in some samples experts have discovered natural meat and crab. Crab meat is not spared for their products manufacturer in the face of the “pearl of Alaska”. According to experts, in some samples the amount of crab meat even exceeded the 160 mg/kg.

In addition, the composition of crab sticks was identified dyes, however, mainly natural. Some manufacturers have “diluted” the recipe of soya sticks. Her presence was explained by the experts, which significantly affects the quality of the product.

“In all investigated samples of crab sticks was absent radionuclides, heavy metals, toxic organic compounds, bacteria, pesticides, GMOs, and dangerous amounts of phosphates”, in addition noted in Roccacasale.