Snow and sun threatening burns to the eyes

Sun and snow ophthalmia, that is, burns to the eyes, it’s easy to get through ignorance or inattention, warned the doctors. This kind of burns are very insidious because it raises the risk of serious damage to the retina.

About the dangers eye burns told the doctor of the highest category Vera Bondareva. According to Bondareva, while on vacation in the mountains, in the bright sun, and especially after a snowfall when there is a sparkling effect, it’s easy to become a victim of burns to the eyes.

“There were several instances when we treated tourists. They all claimed that they had used safety goggles but to protect the eyes are unable. Apparently, they were only goggles with tinted glasses and needed glasses, cutting radiation hazardous to eyes of range”, – quoted experts on the portal

The physician noted that snow and sun ophthalmia capable of inflicting very serious damage to the retina of the eye. For these burns are characterized by the appearance before the eyes of translucent spots. The specialist said that without treatment like burns to the eyes may be a decisive factor in a complete loss of vision in humans.

Bondarev added that often the cause of problems with eye health and vision in people becomes a solar Eclipse. Despite warnings about the necessity to protect eyes, people still without glasses watching from behind the lunar disk appears in the solar hammer. In the end, the sad result, the doctor said.