The ability to learn language appeared even before the man himself

The study showed that the brain systems that are responsible for the ability to learn language, appeared to the person. In other words, they can be found in the more ancient animals.

Long been accepted that a person’s ability to speak is entirely dependent on the mechanisms brain’s peculiar only to our species. But a new study has shown that this may not be so. Scientists have discovered that the system brain’s responsible for the ability to learn language, appeared to itself and formed some other animals. These systems play a role in the process of memorizing words and grammar, but they have a more General target, because they are responsible for many other tasks. This discovery is interesting not only for its theoretical and practical part. The information obtained can be used in the treatment of speech disorders in dyslexia and after strokes.

Scientists from Georgetown University have conducted a meta-analysis of 16 studies examining the process of language learning two systems of the brain. Was discovered quite convincing connection between the language of very ancient evolutionary brain systems that also occur in animals. For example, in rats that use these systems to navigate the maze. Their initial goal is language learning, but they play other roles in different processes.

Science previously, little is known about the genetics and biological basis of the processes of language learning, and this study can provide valuable information. Because research has shown that learning language depends on brain systems, genetics, biology, and the learning mechanisms these systems can also affect language development. A deeper understanding of the role these systems will help in the treatment of people with dyslexia, aphasia, autism and after strokes.