The main reason for hospitalization of men – alcohol

Simple calculations show that the production of alcohol causes the economy harm.

Huge amounts of money annually invested in medical services and the development of medicine. A lot of resources involved in search of ways of optimization of health care costs. But many experts prefer to turn a blind eye on the main factors that cause these costs. A specialist in the Economics of medicine Professor Thomas Taiko encourages to think about what is really necessary for the advancement of society and especially the younger generation.

In 2016, in connection with acute alcohol poisoning to hospitals in Germany received 110 thousand patients. More than 320 thousand cases of placing the hospital was due to mental behavioral disorders due to alcohol. This is the second reason referred to hospital at all, and for men – and even ahead of here heart failure. Of particular concern is the increase in the number of hospital admissions in relation to alcohol among adolescents and young people. Compared to 2000 the number of cases doubled to 20 thousand.

The costs of treatment of disorders caused by psychotropic substances, made up in 2016 3.6 billion euros. Of which at least 3/4 were for alcohol. While tax revenues from alcohol excise duties amounted to only 2.8 billion euros. What will be the balance if we also consider the tangible and intangible costs associated with the actions of drunk people? The conclusion about the ratio of benefit and harm to society is obvious.