The genes of the Champions or how to use tests to determine ability

You bought the card in the fitness club and the like have only to take into a fist and begin to train. But which coach to go, what classes would be good for your health? To understand the intricacies of the process will help the new direction of medicine – sports genetics.


What is a sports genetics?

If we are talking about the role of genetics, the possible sporting success determined by genes, which are responsible for the level of “physical fitness.” For example, sprinters are well tolerated short and a heavy load, and can withstand long-stayers. “Kenyan runners — stayers, and African Americans sprinters, it is determined including the genetic characteristics of these ethnic groups. Knowing the body, a person can train more effectively, – said Vladimir Mukhin, doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics medical company LabQuest. – That is, each person has the capacity, when resources do not allow the body to work harder”.

This factor depends on the genetic characteristics. For example, some people use oxygen more effective than others under the same load can include in your training plan more intense loads without harm to health. Usually, an experienced trainer, all these genetic features fast enough to notice by eye. For reliability it is possible to do a genetic test. By the way, the test is useful to parents, without unnecessary experiments to find the child need a sports section.

Who needs a genetic test?

The test can be carried out as soon as the baby is born: genes don’t change throughout life. Andresearch contain the conclusion of the doctor-genetics, where specific recommendations using which people can contact their coach and with him to develop the optimal training plan based on the individual characteristics of the genotype. That is not a set of obscure Latin letters, is concluded with the description of the mechanisms, the consequences of the presence of athe presence of a polymorphism and for which he is responsible. “But to be guided by the test results makes sense when the child is already showing some interest and results in sports,” warns Vladimir Mukhin. But again, do not forget that despite the fact that the vast majority of basketball players are quite tall guys, knows a successful NBA players whose height does not exceed 170 cm, which, in General, is severely hampered in this sport”.

That gives the regulars a genetic test of fitness?

Knowing the peculiarities of their genes, it is possible to choose the type of exercise and workouts that will allow you to develop an effective plan fitness activities or sports, and get the maximum results in the shortest time, while avoiding injuries and negative health effects.

With this information, it is possible to put the emphasis in the process of weight loss. Suppose a man should understand that he actually can not afford any weakness. For example, to do bodybuilding it is important to consider dolYu subcutaneous fat so the muscles looked ripped and match the standards. Otherwise, to get the result they need to be on a strict carbohydrate-free diet, suffer from dehydration, to conform to this sport standards. Maybe in this case it makes sense to change the sport?

How are the studies?

At present, hundreds of genes associatedx these and other features of the achievements in the sport. «We conduct research only those genes that are scientifically proven and justified, and only those test systems that have the registration certificate of Russian Ministry of health– says Vladimir Mukhin. – We use some panel where chosen those polymorphisms which identified a specific molecular mechanism, and know that this gene is responsible for a certain structure of a protein, e.g., muscle performs a specific function, and if its structure is changed, this will lead to a certain result. For all studies we are responsible».