As we told the son about his autism

He understood. And he felt proud.
“It could be any other night. It could be any other normal day. Any. My husband just sent the children to brush their teeth and “running in bed”. We usually repeated it several times.

I went to him to say good night and before I realized that I’m talking about, asked whether they know that means date 2 APR?

No? It is world day of awareness about autism. Children looked interested in angels, and I continued.

“Did you hear the word autism a lot of times. But do you know what it means?”They shook their heads.

It happened.

My husband and I have been preparing for this moment for four years. When we tell Caleb about his autism? As we say to him? We decided to move gradually, step by step, laying a solid Foundation. We wanted the children safely know that everyone is different and that diversity is a beautiful thing.

We wanted to believe that the Lord has intended each of us beautiful and complex for their purposes and it deserves respect.
We wanted to see the heart of each person, rather than his appearance.

We’ve been preparing for this moment anxiously, and sometimes impatiently. And here he came. My husband was still at work and couldn’t participate, and I couldn’t stop.

We talked with the children about what autism is and how it makes some things easy and others complicated. I told them about what common experiences are those who live on the spectrum. I asked them, does this sound like a description of someone else we know? I saw how they thought.

And then it happened.

Right in the middle of the room with the sleeping in the corner of the dog, with scattered children’s toys — it happened.

First, he got lit up his eyes. Then he changed the face. He began to look older. Three minutes later, when this metamorphosis was over, he asked, “Mom, I have autism?»

I shuddered, and then said solemnly: “Yes, my friend. You have autism. What do you think?»

Now he knew.

Just as it happened with us when we first received his diagnosis, he mentally replayed the entire life before my eyes, sticking the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into place. Now he saw everything through a new filter.
Now he understood.

About told me what all that caused him difficulties due to his autism. We talked with him about what he has overcome, and what price he paid. We talked about what in his life is still full of challenges.

Now he was proud of.

Husband came home from work and found out that the boy grew up. Caleb decided to wait for dad to tell my dad proud that he had learned about myself. God made his brain special.

That night he went to sleep, putting your dog diagnosed autism. “She loves her toy, as I love trains”. He was not alone anymore with its own characteristics.

He woke up the next morning, ready to share their knowledge with the world itself.

World? You will find a lot amazing.”

Ashley Doyle Pooser — suffering from lack of sleep, always drinking coffee, struggling mother of three.