Balsam Bittner: application, price, composition

Healing balms are natural herbal ingredients, plus they are gentle effects on the body and also help strengthen the immune system. Balsam Bittner is no exception. The tool was developed in the 16 th century and due to its beneficial properties are not lost its popularity today. What constitutes a drink and how to drink?

Balsam Bittner: a little history

Its history goes back several centuries, the recipe means formed family Bittner. Prescription drug passed down from generation to generation. At that time it was not on sale, but only for family. But later, in the 20th century the family decided to reveal the secrets of money and produce it for sale.

The 1st office was opened in Austria, in Vienna, in 1854, the year. In the next few decades, the popularity of the drug gained momentum and balm began to be used in many countries of Europe. In the market of our country it appeared in 1991.

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What is included in the shampoo Beterra?

It is based on only natural, herbal ingredients. In the recipe are herbs, roots, inflorescences (juice, ash, Thistle, pepper cubeba, rhizome Angelica and licorice, orange peels, a few of the b vitamins). In addition to these components, the composition is Mirra, Carlina root, galangal and casatico, the grass, the wormwood, and yarrow.

Due to the unique composition of the drug positively affects the functioning of the CNS, strengthens the immune system, soothes and eliminates the effects of stress, improves your mood and helps fight weakness. The balm has an impact not only on the nervous system, it also helps fight off dangerous bacteria, helps get rid of toxins.

Balsam Bittner: instructions for use

The drug works in several ways and helps to cope with many challenges due to its unique composition. It has a diuretic effect, reduces spasms, reduces inflammation, destroys bacteria and promotes the production of bile. In addition to these properties, reduces pain, strengthens overall immunity, soothes and improves the metabolic processes.

In some cases, it is recommended to use balsam Bittner:

  • As a sedative, after stress, increased nervous excitability;
  • At decrease in immunity;
  • Rehabilitation in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Physical, mental stress;
  • Postoperative period;
  • Disturbances in metabolic processes;
  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines (gastritis, constipation, flatulence, ulcer).

Balsam Bittner is possible not only to ingest but to use externally — it helps reduce pain and redness insect bites, colds and other throat diseases.

Instructions for use of balsam Bittner is simple, the dosage and the scheme depends on the problem:

  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines take 1 or 2 teaspoons of the drug for 30-40 minutes before meals, 3 times a day. If you have high acidity, take it one hour after meal. If you wish, you can dilute it in a small amount of water. The duration of treatment is one month.
  • Complex therapy to treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels — two teaspoons of the drug three times a day. Duration — 1 month.
  • To strengthen the immune system — two teaspoons 3-4 times a day, for 3 weeks.
  • Radiation therapy — dilute two teaspoons of product in 100 ml of water, drink. Repeat the procedure three times a day for 10-15 minutes before eating. The treatment lasts 3 months.
  • For stress relief, as a sedative — two teaspoons 3 times a day, for 2-3 weeks.

If we talk about applied topically, Bittner helps with inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, it should be used for rinsing. Dissolve 2-3 teaspoons of balm 150 ml of warm water, rinse your mouth every 4-5 hours.

If you or your child have an insect bite, RUB the affected area with balm and let it dry completely.

Who should not take balsam Bittner?

Despite the use of the balm, some patients not to take it. It is forbidden to use the drug those who have renal, hepatic failure, diseases of the biliary tract, liver cirrhosis in alcoholism, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, children younger than 12 years.

Balsam Bittner: price

The cost depends on the volume of the container. Bottle of 250 ml will cost you 300-400 rubles.

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