Why children should only be transported in child safety seats. Experiment mom

She was adjusting the straps on the car seat of her son, when she came up with a great idea of how to demonstrate the safety of the child in the car.

She fastened the straps, made sure that all is well, and then offered a two-year son to spend a fun experiment. It is going to make it together with the chair upside down to show that even in this position, the child remains securely fastened. The boy agreed, and his father quickly took a picture of this moment.

The Rachel McNamara posted to Facebook and wrote a short text about the necessity of car seats.

“Once you put a child car seat, ask yourself if you can flip it. Remember that the chest clip should be level with the armpits, and the straps should fit snugly to the body to withstand such a test»

To her surprise, the post quickly became viral. To date, they have shared more than 50 thousand people.

After the first wave of census Rachel updated the header and added the text for more explanations and links to sites about safe transport of children in car seats.

“First, I want to clarify: I am not advocating that parents turn over the child upside down before each ride by car. But they need to be confident that their child is fastened securely so that will not fall out of the chair, even if it is flipped. I think it’s a great visual that shows how important it is to have a reliable car seat,” explained Rachel.

She also stressed the importance of studying the instructions to your specific car seat before installing it.

“People can say, 20 years ago we didn’t even wear in the car, and survived. Well, you’re in luck. But there are many who cannot tell a story because injured in an accident. Times have changed. Today on the road and more drivers. And because cell phones have more distractions,” wrote Rachel.

She came to this thought immediately. But the youngest son, she also has two daughters 7 and 8 years. But to seriously examine the issue of safety of transportation of children in the car Rachel was only in the third pregnancy. She hopes that after reading her message, other parents will follow her example.