In Sechenovskiy University will begin to prepare it medical

Learning a new specialty – it-medic – will begin in the fall at the Department of information and Internet technologies First MSMU n.a. I. M. Sechenov. The official name of this area of training – “Information systems and technologies”, said the portal head teacher of George radzievskiy.

“The use of information technologies from the very beginning faced with the problem of understanding by it professionals of the subject area of the customer, he said. – It has always required additional time and resources for the development of new knowledge by it professionals. The same is the situation in the field of the exact Sciences, for example in aviation, exploration, etc., but it simplifies common to all these areas, machine learning and process descriptions. In medicine, the situation is fundamentally different: vast arrays of knowledge can be mastered by developers of information systems in an acceptable timeframe. Unfortunately, the opposite is true when the attempts of physicians to quickly master the technology of it. Thus, there is a need of training, initially focused on new directions of development at the intersection of medical and information technologies, able to formulate demands and organize the development of new projects.”

According to George Radzievskiy, in the first phase, in 2018, it is planned to recruit 40 students at the undergraduate in an effort to continue training in a magistracy. In subsequent years, the set will be expanded. “Probably, the number of such experts is not too large, up to several hundred people, he suggests, since their objectives are consistent with top level, middle managers in health authorities, management of it companies and large specialized medical centers.”

In information technology the curriculum includes a wide range of disciplines – from architecture, computer systems, data networks and security to robotics. In the future, the Department involves the development of distance learning and retraining of physicians to cover the existing deficit of such specialists is not yet balanced their number is further increasing with the expansion of application of it technologies in medicine.