His daughter loses her sight, so her father invented for her a toy that teaches Braille

Old girl – usher syndrome, which causes gradual loss of vision.
A year ago Jake and Beth Lakers learned that their youngest daughter is usher syndrome, and in one of the most aggressive forms. This is a rare genetic disease in which people gradually lose hearing and vision.

According to the doctors, adolescence biennial Becky completely blind.

“It was probably the most difficult time in my life. We were in a complete mess, I didn’t want to leave the house,” – says the girl’s mother.

A little after recovering from the initial shock, they began to study the question of how people live with usher syndrome. As a result, the Jake Lockers realized that there’s no devices that can make life easier for patients. An engineer by profession, he wanted to create for his Becky special toy.

So there BecDot: three-dimensional rectangular box, through which children can learn Braille. You may want to put a toy on the glowing window, as its name appears next, written in a special font, and Becky will be able to study his fingers.
Thanks to my daughter, Jake finished the first version BecDot to more durable.

“I left it on the shelf, and she came over and dropped a toy on the floor. It was the first test, and BecDot it is not passed,” laughs Jake.

The device, learning Braille are quite expensive, and Lacors understands that many parents will not be able to afford such a toy. He hoped that the final version BecDot will sell for about $ 100 (about 5,5 thousand rubles).
While he continues work on the design, and several samples of the device are now studying in schools for the blind to leave your feedback. The main thing, hoe to achieve Jake to have children was really convenient to use BecDot.

“The world is not going to adapt to Becky. I wanted to adapt the world to her, but realized that I can help other people,” says the inventor.